Unique gift ideas for 45th anniversary and wedding

Published: 12th April 2011
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Receiving and giving gift is a custom that has long been followed by mankind. It is a gesture or way of showing love and appreciation for someone. As humans are social beings, there are very few people living on earth who like to stay lonely without any companion, there is nothing better than a gift to bring people closer to each other.

Giving a gift to someone close does not require an occasion. But in general, there are certain occasions that you cannot attend to without getting a gift like a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding and so on. If you are giving a gift to someone for the occasion ‘just like that’, you can as well give anything you feel like giving, but other different occasions demand different gifts and you need to consider that before buying anything. For example, if you gift a romantic honeymoon package tour tickets to a birthday boy of seven, you will be the laughing stock of the party. Similarly if you gift a toy robot and a bar of chocolate to a couple as their 45th anniversary gifts, it will surely be considered as a joke.

Hence before buying anything, consider three things:

  • The occasion for which you want to buy the gift

  • The person concerned for whom the gift is

  • Your relationship with the concerned person

For example, if you are looking for 45th anniversary gifts for your parents, you can gift something expensive like a new car if you can afford, a romantic 2nd honeymoon couple trip to a romantic place as one of the 45th anniversary gifts for any couple who is extremely close to you including your parents too. A surprise party with all the close relatives and friends is a very cliché but nice 45th anniversary gift, if the couple is someone close to you like your parents, your best friend, your sister and so on.

Wedding is another special occasion that deserves a special and unique gift. You would not want your gift to get lost in the crowds of all the other gifts, nobody wants that. Hence giving a gift that is useful as well as extra ordinary will only help you in making your gift the most cherished one. There is a lot of wedding gift ideas, but then again you have to consider the above mentioned three things.

As wedding gift ideas, you can give things that will help the new couple to set up their new home. You can give electronic appliances like a microwave oven, a mixer grinder and things like that. If you are not comfortable with such usable electronic appliances as wedding gift ideas, you can also give certain unique gifts like a day at the spa for the new couple, an ornamental silver photo frame custom made for the special couple with their picture in it.

Remember when you buy a gift for someone for any occasion, it is not the cost of the gift that counts, it is the thought behind it.

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