A Gift with a Message - Piggy Banks

Published: 23rd March 2011
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Birthdays have always been a very special occasion to both the individual whose birthday it is and the near and dear ones of the individual. It is an occasion that gives the opportunity to celebrate not only the birthday but also the relationship that is shared between the two parties, namely the individual and the near and dear ones. The relation with every human is unique in itself and any comparison is absolutely unjustified. The 18th birthday gift ideas need to be selected with care as this marks one of the major transition phases of one’s life. The eighteenth birthday marks the end of one’s childhood and beginning of the adulthood. This is the age when one enters the threshold of the youth that finally being nurtured and garnished by various experiences results in the proper adulthood for one. The 18th birthday gift ideas thereby form a part of an integral decision making as far as conveying a relevant message to the respective birthday boy or birthday girl is concerned.

The piggy banks form a very effective tool for cash saving. From the age when one is probably not even aware of the concept of banks, fund flow and cash flow one begins to save the entire amount that one gets however small be it. The best friend and the first saving device of one is that of the piggy banks. However with the passage of years this good habit is one of the first ones that one abandons. Busy in buying the silly things that ultimately carry no value in the long run one forgets the valuable lesson taught by the proverb make hay while the sun shines.

The 18th birthday gift ideas that will suit the occasion and has stood the test of time are as follows:

  • A collection of books penned by the favorite author of the birthday boy or girl.

  • Suitable accessories with respect to the gender of the one celebrating the birthday. In case of boys, cuff links could be a good option. For girls the accessories have a wide and varied range to select from.

  • Fashionable gadgets for the birthday boy pertaining to his preferences.

  • A large scale surprise birthday bash could also be a good option.

  • Photo frames that suit the occasion the best. It could also bear a personalized message.

Apart from the ibid mentioned 18th birthday gift ideas there could be one that would indeed stand out to be unique. The option is of sending the birthday boy or girl to a short trip with the peers. This trip will be a very effective way to bring home to them the importance, responsibility and trust involved with the freedom that he or she will be entitled to for the rest of the life.

The other unique idea could be to gift the birthday boy or girl with piggy banks. The gift in the guise of the piggy banks will not only impart to them the importance of saving to spend a smooth and easy life but also inculcate back in him or her the long lost beneficial and useful habit.

Therefore giving gifts necessarily do not imply buying an expensive item from the shop and giving it. It also means to give the loved one something of value and worth. The 18th birthday gift ideas that include the option of piggy banks form one such example of a unique and meaningful gift.

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